Mommy Timeout

Sweet Lord Baby Jesus, yesterday was a doozy. 

I mean,  I have been tired,  truly exhausted, but whatever THIS was hit me of nowhere.  My mood was especially shot, energy zapped, my patience was at an all time low,  and if my daughter threw one more tantrum with that HORRIBLE fake cry,  I would have had to send her to her other grandparents in Nigeria.  Bye Ivie!

I was drained! I’m going through some stressful times and yesterday I didn’t even want to move.  I couldn’t.  It’s normal to get frustrated with your kids and the phases they go through,  but sometimes it is a little much.  I know every parent needs to just have a moment or two to themselves (besides nap time)  so I called in the reinforcements,  went home, and took a nap. 

A nap.  That’s all.  Just a nap. 

Not even a long one!

I got home,  laid down and passed out for an hour or so. Didn’t dream,  didn’t even change positions.  I was out like a light bulb the second my head hit that pillow. When I finally woke up I felt like “okay,  I miss my baby! Bring her back!”

That short nap didn’t solve the world’s problems.  It for sure won’t stop her random fake tantrums in the future, but it definitely gave me time to rest and get out of my own head for a second. 

I am used to having my child pretty much all day everyday. I don’t like asking for help because I feel bad that I get frustrated,  but I am learning more and more that it’s okay to say “I’m having a hard time today,  do you think you could keep  _____ for a few hours?”

It’s one of those small lessons you learn as you go on this weird journey of parenthood. 

So can someone watch my tot until she goes to college? Please?

By then hopefully the tantrums will stop!


Frazzled Mum


Optimistic Dreamer

Isn’t it weird how becoming a parent can make you feel as though you’ve aged 10 years? You have the same responsibilities as the next guy: paying bills,  grocery shopping, cooking,  and cleaning…but you also have the responsibility of keeping your small human alive.  That alone is a tiring task. 

I’m 25 and feel 50. Add in being pregnant with my second child and I’d say maybe even 55. I’m so tired! I am also reminded daily of things I had wanted to accomplish by now that have yet to be done. I’ve had so much time to reflect on my life.

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my old room at my parent’s house and found some old assignments from middle school and high school.  Although some were embarrassing to read,  I saw how eager I was for success.  How determined I was to have an unconventional career.  I wanted to write and be a designer.  There was even a very cheesy script where we were to act as though we were being interviewed at a pivotal point in our lives.  According to my skit,  I was a newly divorced fashion designer with two kids. 


The skit was dramatic,  but it stirred something in me.  I have spent YEARS bouncing around ideas of what I want to do. I had even toyed with the idea of something in the medical field because as a Nigerian,  I feel that it is almost required.  I knew that wasn’t me though.  I also knew that sitting at a desk at a 9-5 was not what I wanted to do my entire life.  I am terribly spastic.

So here I am,  years later,  out of the workforce,  as a pregnant stay at home mom.  To me,  this is a golden opportunity.  Although Ivie keeps me very busy,  this is a great time for me to put my thoughts into motion and make something thing happen.  Figure out a plan of action. Seeing a glimpse at my younger self was a real slap in the face! Yes you grow up and get sidetracked by life,  and realize the world isn’t all sugar and pretty things…but I can take
that old optimism and determination….and combine it with the knowledge I have now. 

I will always wonder:

If I had stuck to my life plans who knows what’d I’d be doing by now. Would I be a lawyer? A physical therapist? Oh how I wasted some valuable years in college… Ugh. 


I know that everything happens for a reason.  If I hadn’t of taken that other path,  I wouldn’t have experienced some of life’s other hard lessons.  I wouldn’t be nearly as wise,  and I wouldn’t have valued motherhood and the driving force it can be. These babies…my little family,  are what push me to keep going after my dreams.  They are my daily reminder to do better.  So I will.  I am. 

Now on to dream making.


The Dreamer Mom

Mommy Update

Hey everyone!

So can I just say,  growing a human is just a whirlwind of feelings. 


First the morning/all day sickness (hell on earth) then the weird taste I get after everything I eat…and now the daily headaches and dizziness.  I need a break! I just have to remember my little nugget is very much worth the discomfort,  but the sooner he/she arrives,  the better.  Just sayin’.


       I love seeing my ultrasound pics!

I had my NT scan last week and everything looks great! Such a relief.  It just amazes me that something so small will just transform and grow right before your eyes.  Truly amazing.  I stare at Ivie now and all her baby pictures and just gush at how she’s so big.  I can’t believe it! My big baby will soon have her partner in crime and I cannot wait. 

But speaking of big babies….

Ivie is being a stage 5 clinger and she’s too big to pick up all the time! She is frequently doing this fake whine that just makes me want to roll my eyes to the depths of my skull.  It.  Must.  Stop.  Also,  whenever she has a chance,  she will raise up my shirt and just rub my belly,  stare at it,  put her head on it, and even kiss it! Do you think that kids are super intuitive? She can obviously see my body is changing,  but can she sense someone in there? Insane! Little kids have radar in those funny little minds! Maybe I can ask her what she thinks I’m having?

OK ya’ll,  I need to confess:

My fashion game and makeup game has died. 

Like,  I look a hot mess 95% of the time.  I used to love to get dressed and do my makeup and be so creative…but now I’m happy if I just wear pants.  Or a bra. 

I mainly wear black,  because after years of working in cosmetics,  it’s all I have.  I still have this boring bob that is just making me look so…”meh”,  and I probably wear makeup once a month.  I’m lazy. 

I declare that Fall will be my fashion season and that I will step my shit up! Pregnant doesn’t have to mean frump! I don’t have to look how I feel,  so I won’t. It has been decided. 

In the meantime,  here’s a picture of my little baby bump from the other day!


                  14 weeks 6 days

I will continue to post my randomness and keep you updated on my pregnancy as it drags on,  haha

Finish the week strong!

Unfashionable Mama

The Bigger Picture

Yesterday was an emotional day. 

I woke up and had so much on my heart and mind.  I tried to shake it,  but sometimes you really just can’t. I was and still am filled to the brim with my life’s problems.

I think we all have had those days.  We get very caught up in our lives and all the problems surrounding it.  Sometimes we mope,  sometimes we are trying to think 10 steps ahead to beat those demons… But how often do we just stop and look at what we have and truly say “thank you”. Thanks to whoever or whatever you do or don’t believe in.  Just taking a moment or two to be grateful.

This all hit me before I went to bed.

I’m laying in bed, trying not to think about how shitty my day was by browsing on Instagram.  Then I see a memorial post for a child who’s page I was following.  He had cancer and his family documented all the ups and downs for years.  I’ve literally been following this page since I first got my account and I genuinely enjoyed seeing updates of his progress and candids of him and his family.  Or if I saw he was sick,  I’d check back for updates throughout the day just to stay informed.  So tonight when I saw he had passed away on the 13th, I was very upset. Where have I been to not have noticed this? I cried.

Boy,  did I cry. 

Last I saw,  he was weaker,  but I knew he’d pull through. Just knew it. God had other plans and I can’t imagine the pain the family has gone through. I pray for them and they’re hurt. It’s tough… He’s free of anymore pain or chemo, but man…the death of a child just shakes me to my core.

I lay there and realize that yes,  my current situation is not ideal.  I have the right to be sad sometimes.  I am allowed to be angry with things going on in my life (which is a lot),  but I have to take moments and look at how blessed I am.  How grateful I should be. 

My daughter is healthy and happy (most of the time,  ha),  she has two parents that love her and spoil her,  I am carrying another life inside of me! Human life! I’m so rich in love and family,  I can’t let these bad times obscure the good.

The list goes on and on.

The gist of it all is be grateful and love what IS going right. Appreciate the good in the world. The rest will work itself out. 

In the meantime,  squeeze all your loved ones tight. Kiss em,  call em,  send a quick text. I went to my baby’s room and had to have a look at her and I patted my baby bump and said a quick “Thank you”.



Road Trippin!

Yesterday I was freeeeeeeee!


My sister and I took a mini trip to KU to go and visit our little sister before classes start.  She just left last Wednesday, and I guess we just can’t cut the cord,  ha.  We are all entirely too close.  Great reason to get out of town nonetheless!

Now,  I rarely go anywhere without my spawn angel baby,  but I left her with her dad so they could spend more time time together.  I had planned on taking her with me,  but he insisted I leave her. I actually enjoy having her with me all the time, guys. Like,  I’m so used to it that it feels really odd when she’s not with me.  Like I’m missing an appendage. 

I did finally decide to take advantage of the opportunity to be baby free for a few hours and I can say,  I should try to do it more often! Not ALL the time,  but it’s definitely nice to just get away sometimes and not worry. Even if it’s just 2 hours away to a college town to eat local pizza with family and go to Urban Outfitters.

I loved being around my family,  I loved perfect weather, and I ate delicious unhealthy pizza . I’d say yesterday was a good day!


               A little makeup?  Check!


Sorry,  ate the pizza before I could snap a pic.  Remember,  I’m pregnant and starving!

When I finally got home,  I hugged Ivie as though I’d been gone a week. My heart pretty much overflows when I see my little love.  How can you miss someone SO much?

Well yesterday was a good day ya’ll, and now it’s back to my daily grind.  I have a doctor’s appt here in a bit for an NT scan.  Hopefully they’ll be able to guess the gender! *fingers crossed * Pretty sure it’s another girl though,  but you never know!  Either way,  I’ll be happy.

Until next time,  loves!

Busy Mum

Bad Brow Blues

Oh man. 

Let me start by saying this:
I am a makeup artist. 

I don’t wear makeup nearly as much as I used to due to sheer laziness, but I am a professional and can paint a face to the gawd, honey.  To. The.  Gawds. I may be on a hiatus from mua life,  but I just have to get this off my chest…..


I’ve been seeing some really really bad eyebrows lately. Overplucked, too thin, super drawn in,  and just…..blah!

Your brows frame your face.  They can make or break your look and I truly believe if a person can do one thing,  it’s take time to get their brows in check before they leave the house. 

Do it.  Please. 

Coming from someone who had shaved brows and pitch black checkmarks in their place throughout high school,  I think I know a little something. 


    See that 2nd pic? Dont be that guy. 
    This is me.  I call this Evolution.

A while ago,  I created an eyebrow pictorial for the lost souls. This is just one of many ways to achieve a perfect brow. Here it is again along with some easy steps!



Hope this helps! If any questions on what products I used,  please let me know! I was too lazy to type them out, ha.  Typical me. 

Your Brow Lady

Team #NoSleep

Last night was a little rough to say the least. 

Ivie kept waking up and crying,  screeching,  and groaning. Maybe she was having night terrors? Who knows.  I took her to lay down with me in bed…something I very rarely do these days. I loved the days of cuddling her to sleep,  but I don’t miss having to sleep a certain way to avoid rolling on her.  Or how she NEEDED me to fall asleep.  Ugh.  Those were long nights…. Well last night of course she wanted to cuddle me,  caress my face,  poke my eyes,  and when I finally thought she was asleep,  she grabbed my face and gave me a big ol’ honkin baby kiss. 

Cute.  But I was 2am and mommy was tired. 

We both had finally dozed off when I hear a thud and a piercing cry. 

She’d flopped off the bed!

It took so long to console her and I almost cried too because that’s never happened even when we solely co-slept !

I got her to sleep again and went to the bathroom and noticed blood on my tank top.  Panic.  Panic.  Panic. 

I rush to her and look at her face and it looks like she had bitten through her poor lip. Super swollen,  crusted blood.



               Poor baby this morning

My baby just had the worst of nights.

Needless to say I didn’t get sleep because I was afraid she’d fall again. Do they seriously not sell bubbles for children? I need to keep her in one until she’s at least 21. At least. 

Anyway, that was my night….or I mean…morning?

Sleepless Beauty

Man Plans…..



Yes! I’m pregnant with Babylove #2!

I thought I would die if I had to hold that in any longer.  I feel like a huge weight has finally been  lifted off of my shoulders!

I knew I was pregnant before I even took the test,  ya’ll.  There is a certain period of utter exhaustion that hits you in the early stages of pregnancy.  Like,  you feel like your eyelids are made of lead and every small task suddenly feels monumental.  My body was like “Girl,  there’s a baby in there.  Don’t play!”

The saying “Man plans,  God laughs”  has never rang more true. We did not plan for this! I truly did not think I wanted another child for at least another 3-4 years. I am still recovering from the sleepless nights,  cluster feedings,  sore nipples,  and feeling completely drained.  STILL! I wanted to be prepared,  established,  have a potty trained child…but God had other plans.  Even upon first finding out,  I was a bit disappointed.  I can admit that.  I was panicking and worried.

“How can I spread that much love around?”
“I cannot do this right now. Not so soon”
“What about school?”
“Will I be able to start a business while pregnant? ”
“I’m just not ready for this again.”
” WINE.”

There were just so many thoughts and second guessing my abilities as a mother. But I’ve realized that I may not be a PERFECT mom, but I’m a great mom nonetheless,  and this baby and his/her big sister will be fine! I just have to work that much harder and roll with it!

I think a lot of parents go through all the worry and “what ifs”  when a pregnancy unexpectedly occurs at seemingly the worst time ever.  Babies never arrive when you expect it,  and I think that is kind of perfect.  The whole process of seeing your body and thoughts evolve is amazing  and then the sudden earth shattering love you feel eventually is intense. 

There’s no good time,  guys. Life doesn’t work that way.  You just have to take everything as a blessing and opportunity to be your best.  Enjoy the ride!

I can’t wait


Fertile Myrtle

Crazy Mombot

I’ve already admitted to being a helicopter-mom.  I think anybody that knows me,  can see quite clearly that my daughter makes me very on edge.  I dont want her to scrape those little knees or bump that beautiful ginormous head of hers! I’d probably put her in a bubble if I could.  Do they make those? Baby bubbles?


I have found myself unable to sleep at night if I don’t check on her like,  50 million times! My mindset is so wonky. 

Did her arm somehow get stuck in the rails and she can’t cry out to tell me?

Omg,  someone might try to break in and steal her because she’s so cute! Gotta go check on her NOW. 


I never ever worried like this before I had her! She’s 17 months old now and I would’ve thought it’d ease up. I have a baby monitor but I still check her religiously.  If I’m not careful,  I may climb in the crib with her.

Total joke.  I’d just bring her to bed with me.  Duh. 

Do any other moms still do this? Or am I the only crazy one on this planet?

The Nightwatcher

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