I Don’t Wanna

I often express how hard adulting is.  You know when it’s the worst? When there’s a spider in your home and you’re crying inside looking for a grown up,  only to realize…YOU ARE THE GROWN UP.

I stumbled upon an evil huge spider yesterday and had to kill it myself.  I’m TERRIFIED of spiders and I wanted to scream and faint, wake up,  then burn the house down.  Since I didn’t want to give my children a complex,  I shakily told my 2 year old that spiders really aren’t that scary, but they aren’t allowed to live in the house.  And there’s only one way out.  Muahaha

It’s dead.  I was a grown up and killed it,  and my 2 year old didn’t have to witness me have a panic attack like last time.

Definitely a win


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