Wakeup and Make-up

Before I ever had children,  I did what every childless person does,  and made one of those vows that would be completely unrealistic.  Silly declarations of what I would and wouldn’t do as a parent, what I would and would not allow my child(ren) to do, how I would and wouldn’t allow myself to look. 

The most hilarious vow being that I wouldn’t be one of THOSE moms who ran around in workout clothes and a bare face. The kind of moms who shower and put on the (kind of) cleanest thing they could find. The kind of mom who barely shaved her legs because she didn’t have time. My goodness… The horror!

I’d be the svelte trophy mom who looked fierce all day everyday.  I’d wake up to a clean house,  workout,  shower,  and have my mug all done up by 8. That’s the kind of mother and wife I’d be.  I’d be perfect.


I’m lucky if I get 5 minutes alone to throw some foundation on,  let alone pick out an outfit that doesn’t consist of leggings and a v-neck. 

I’m not saying you should let yourself go  when you have children.  Hell no! The best thing we can do as parents/spouses is take even better care of ourselves because so much of our energy is dedicated to keeping a household together. 

It can be such a challenge though! Sometimes it’s so much easier to just nap.  Actually….it’s always easier to just nap…but we have got to spruce ourselves up a little every now and then and take time for ourselves! Workout for  30 minutes,  choose an outfit that doesn’t involve running shorts,  or read a nice book!

Today I chose to do my makeup.

Even though I am a makeup artist by trade,  the amount of times I actually wear makeup a month is few and far between.  I prefer to put it on others rather than myself honestly, but today I wanted to go for it like the old days.  I swear I was just going to put on foundation and mascara,  but then my glam came out.

Here’s the outcome:


Products used for look:
-Remarcable foundation by Marc Jacobs (cocoa medium)
-MAC Eye Brows pencil (Spiked)
-NARS Pure Matte Lipstick (Volga)
-MAC Pencil Liner (Nightmoth)
-Eyeshadow highlight in corners and on brow bone is MAC (Naked Lunch)
-Blush and contour are from my BH Cosmetics palette (cant find the names at the moment)
-Highlighter on cheekbones MAC “Warm Soul”
-The lashes are just from the beauty  supply and the black liquid liner is one I’ve had.  The name is all rubbed off! I think it’s the NYX Super Fat Eye Marker.

I felt so damn good today because I took some time to myself. Not even just because of the way I looked,  but I remembered how much I love the art of applying makeup. I did it for me and loved the outcome.


This much effort won’t happen again for at least another few weeks,  so I laid in bed until midnight with my full face.  I didn’t want to wash off this hard work,  ya’ll. It was too fleeky.  Don’t judge. 

I love my bare face, but today I had to remind myself I was still fierce. Even though I’m pregnant and carrying around a purse with filled with fruit snacks,  diapers,  and a sticky sippy cup….I still got it!

We all need that reminder sometimes. 

What are some things you’d like to do for yourself? Let me know!

Fleeky Mom

P. S. I promise to never say “fleeky” again. 


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