Pregnancy Update

I just wanted to let you guys know,  I feel like a baby hippo.  Big….only kinda cute.

18 weeks,  2 days.  153 more days to go. 

No big deal. 

I know I’m only in the second trimester,  but I feel BIG. The number on the scale hasn’t moved,  but child,  everything else has.  My boobs feel like cannonballs, my belly button has become an outie again,  and my skin hates me. The joys of growing a life,  huh?

On the bright side! I’m healthy and baby #2 who I have nicknamed Pumpkin is doing grand.  I can feel the tiny movements in there and it makes me so much more in awe of life.  What do they think about in there? I hope he/she can hear me whenever I sing.  That way they know what horror they’re in for. 

Ivie loves to touch my tummy  and kiss it. The way she says “belly” sounds like “boy-eee” and I wonder if that is her way of telling me the gender…I swear these little kids have a 6th sense! I’ll get to find out what I’m having on my birthday next month,  so I’m way excited! We will see if my little fortune teller was correct. 


Honestly I just look bloated half the time. I’d like to look just a little more pregnant so there’s no question.  My 10 year old cousin told my older brother that he didn’t know I was pregnant,  he just thought I was fat.  Because he thinks everyone but my little brother is fat.  Him and his 8 year old sister mention it weekly. Nigerians. 

*insert mild act of violence here*

Freaking kids, man.

It’s all part of the process though.  I’m more concerned with shooting out a big old healthy baby.  Body’s change. I’m still attempting to be as healthy as possible, but after Pumpkin is born,  I am determined to be at my healthiest. 

How else will I keep up with two rascals?

Until then…pizza.

Hungry Baby Hippo Mama


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