My Little Black Book

First I’d like to just say:

It’s nap time,  yall!

My little booger is down for her nap and I am oh so relieved.  How does someone so small have that much energy? And attitude?


This is what I had to deal with for a bit. 


I’m just glad to have this small breather to eat my cookies and think about cleaning up my house. 

So today I was really thinking about where my life is now and where I’d like to see myself in 5 years.  What can I do to get there? Is it realistic?

I used to have a huge red notebook I’d keep with me. When I say I “used to” have it,  I mean up until last week. Anyway, I’d scribble inspiring quotes I had overheard,  I would write down business ideas,  random goals,  lists upon lists…and then I decided to start writing daily goals, because one thing I suffer from is lack of consistency.  It’s a huge fault of mine,  but I am working on it.  I got a smaller more portable notebook to tote around.


I make a list of daily goals that really aren’t huge to most,  but things I know I need to get done or that I need to strive towards.

Ex.  – make bed
       – finally fold laundry and put away
       – call front office
       – clean bathrooms
       – get your own domain
       – look into how to monetize blog

I still put quotes,  ideas, and dreams.I also have my long terms goals that I keep in the back of the notebook to check off as they’re accomplished. 

I do this to keep my mind in order and motivated.  I want to be able to look back a few months from now and see that I can follow through. 

The thing I’m striving for at the end of the day is to be able to find my happiness and without sacrificing the happiness of my family. 

My daily goals may not seem like much,  but they are there to help me keep a functioning household,  and also figure out baby steps I can make towards a great life.

I just want to be great! And eat cookies without the guilt and weight gain!

Is that too much to ask?

Mommy on a Mission


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